The 4 Cycle Super Showdown

PKRA Glendale, Arizona
November 13th, 14th, and 15th 2020

Up to $1,300.00 for classes with 10 or more entrants and more door prizes

$500 for 1st Place
$300 for 2nd Place
$200 for 3rd Place

5 or more classes, 6 heat races each, over 90 laps of racing.

90 minutes of on track practice time available for each class.

***World Formula Medium
16 years and up -365lbs
World Formula Masters
40 years and up – 400lbs
LO206 Junior 1 (Cadet)
7 to 12 – Blue Slide – 235lbs
LO206 Junior 2
12 to 15 – Black Slide – 310lbs
**LO206 Senior
16 years and up – Black Slide – 360lbs.
LO206 Master
40 years and up – Black Slide – 390lbs.
LO206 Kid Karts 
5 Years to 8 Years – 190lbs
Per B&S Rules. Gears: Front 19: Rear 57
Hooser Tire R60B for Kid kart class only
4100 RPM Rev. Limiter; .285 throttle slide B&S Part # 555728

**Guaranteed $1,000 Prize Purse  *** Guaranteed $500 Prize Purse

Any other IKF 4-Cycle class, we will find you a place to race.

Hoosier R70 is the spec tire. 

Qualifying and All 6 heats will be ran on same set of tires. (No Tire Treatment)

Fuel: VP110 Can be purchased at the track.

Pre-Registration is open online thru November 8th

Each heat will be longer and worth more points than the previous heat. Points will accumulate and the grid will line up based on total points. The winner of the showdown will be the driver with the most points accumulated over the 6 heats.


For 2020 we will have one practice/Warm-up session Saturday morning and then run group Qualifying for the line up for heat one.
For 2020 we WILL NOT invert any of the line ups. The line up will be based on Points, with the Driver with most points will be lined up first, to the driver with the least points last.

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